Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bud Light Presents...

For years, Bud Light has been running a series of commercials saluting the unsung heroes and anti-heroes of American males. At first, it was called "Real American Heroes," but they changed it to "Real Men of Genius" after 9/11. I prefer "Heroes..." I mean it's a joke, people. Anyway, I found a website that has collection of mp3s of them. Act fast, Budweiser's been shutting other sites down for some reason. Among my favorites is still "Mr. Hawaiian Shirt Pattern Designer."


Mauricem said...

MAN those things are funny. I'm not sure what it it the psuedo-serious voice saying things like "twig and berry" or the swellingly inspiring music? Or maybe the background vocals puctuating each intro ("Mr-Athletic-Groin-Protector-Inventooooor!") or adding a quick puchline ("That's right mother-****er!"). Whatever it is, I salute you "Mr. Bud Light Commercial Writer" (Mr. Bud-Light Commercial Writeeeer!). You get us to drink more beer (chug-a-lug now!) and that is the greatest gift of all.

Monkey Migraine said...

Well done...especially the salute at the end. I think the background comments are my favorite parts ("gettin' sloppy!"), but the whole series is brilliant and surprisingly consistent. I'm so happy I found the mp3s, I want to burn them all onto a CD. Now all I need is to find somewhere to download the Red Stripe beer commercials.

And here are more of my favorite Real American Heroes:
Mr. Chinese Food Delivery Guy
Mr. Losing Locker Room Reporter
Mr. Fake Tattoo Inventor
Mr. Footlong Hot Dog Inventor
Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker

Monkey Migraine said...

And one more late addition:
Mr. Male Football Cheerleader