Thursday, August 06, 2015

This Parody of Arsenio Hall's Gary Coleman Interview is Perfect

Paul Scheer, in some ways, is one of the great comedy geniuses of our time. But you've probably never heard of him, because his show NTSF:SD:SUV is on Adult Swim at midnight, and his other projects are on the web. But here's a chance to catch up. He created a series called The ArScheerio Paul Show, making parodies of clips from The Arsenio Show. Seth Rogan and Paul Scheer did a pitch perfect improv satire of Gary Coleman's appearance.

Here's the original interview:

And here's the parody:


Maurice Mitchell said...

The saddest part of the Arsenio Hall interview is he was trying so hard to make himself sound successful. Later on we would realize that all of this was not true. He lived a very sad life. That's what makes the parody so hilarious! He couldn't think of the name of his girlfriend. LOL

Nigel G. Mitchell said...

The saddest part is at age forty, Coleman admitted he was still a virgin. And he was married at the time

Russian Noob said...