Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Kristen Stewart Has Crashed, And Why She Deserves It [Entertainment]

The Hollywood Reporter posted an article defending Kristen Stewart and asking why she's being raked over the coals. Here's what everyone including the author of this article is missing. Kristen is getting worked over, not because of what she did, but because of who she is.

Yes, she cheated on her boyfriend with a married man. She's not the first and won't be the last. The reality is that Kristen became famous because of one thing - her relationship, both on and off screen, with Robert Pattinson. She could have kept the relationship on screen and pursured other guys, but she chose to take it into real-life, and in the process created a fairy-tale romance that her fans clung to. By betraying him and exposing herself as a cheater, she pretty much killed the only thing she had going. Let's face it - Kristen is not that good an actress, so it's not like she had her acting career to fall back on. She's pretty, but not abundantly so. In interviews and public appearances, Kristen has varied between indifference and surliness, so she doesn't have her sunny personality to win her fans over with. In the end, RPat was her career.And she blew it. Losing her teenage girl fanbase left no one to support her.

Oh, and I noticed the THR article was written by an "anonymous insider." I'm guessing that translates into "Kristen Stewart's publicist."

EDIT: Turns out her name is spelled "Kristen" not "Kirsten." Durrr...


Maurice Mitchell said...

Yeah, you're right. She was the Sonny to his Cher. I always consider it a sign of a bad actor if they can't pretend to love someone without actually getting infatuated with them.

Spacerguy said...

Bad move career huh? oh well parting is always such sweet sorrow. The fun part is making up.