Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Motivations of Movie Serial Killers vs. Real Serial Killers

UPDATE: Okay, here's the deal. In movies and television, serial killers always have some complex and detailed explanation for why they do what they do. The detectives will study the crimes and say, "Okay, so the killer kidnaps women, blindfolds them, and ties scales onto their hands, because he's a lawyer and the women he kills represent the figure of Justice, a figure he used to see every day outside his window when he was three years old. And he's killing women who have escaped justice in his mind, so he's trying to balance the scales." In real life, there's only one reason serial killers do what they do: they get off on it. That goes for every serial killer they've ever caught from the Son of Sam to Ed Gein.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

LOL So true. Movie killers sound a lot cooler.