Monday, December 26, 2011

Health Risks Don't Stop Americans

If there's a greater commentary on the way Americans regard food, I don't know of one better than this…the Burger King a few blocks away from where we live was cited by the Department of Health. There was a big sign on the front door and on the drive-thru window stating that the Burger King had failed a health inspection a few weeks earlier. Now I immediately went to the Internet to check, and it turns out the BK just placed some cleaning bottles near the refrigerator, but I didn't feel comfortable eating there. However, I couldn't help noticing that the BK was doing a brisk business. The fact that customers were not deterred in any way by a huge sign stating that the restaurant had failed a health inspection seemed to me the essence of how little America cares about food. I doubt that many of them took the time to check the results. It could have meant anything from cleaning bottles in the wrong place up to and including rats swimming in the soda, but they didn't care. If this was a Burger King in France or Germany, this might have shut down the restaurant for good. In America, it's just a speed bump that Americans happily jump over to stuff their faces. Sad.

Still love the Whopper, though.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

That is weird all right. Maybe people think the flame-broiling helps to kill the taste of cleaning fluid. Could be a new slogan.