Tuesday, October 18, 2011

9 Catfights That Geeks Love

Ah, the catfight. Usually the term means a fight between two women that's distinctly titillating. That's not what this list is about. Well, not really. There have been some really awesome fights in sci-fi movies and TV shows that just happen to involve two women. Here are nine...and while there may be some kinda sexy moments in them, that's entirely not the point. At all.

9. Xena vs. Varia (Xena: Warrior Princess) - In a show with a warrior princess, she's bound to fight another woman every now and then. This show had a lot of catfights, but the battle between Xena and the Amazon princess Varia stands out.

8. Death Becomes Her - In Death Becomes Her, a vain woman finds the key to eternal life. The problem comes when she discovers it's not the key to eternal health. The climax is a fight between two undead zombies. Since the two are technically already dead, they can tear each other apart.

7. Loana vs. Nupondi (One Million Years B.C.) - This movie about dinosaurs and cavemen had a great marketing campaign - a poster of Raquel Welch in a fur bikini. It also had one of the most famous catfights between two cavewomen.

6. Storm vs.Callisto (X-Men: Last Stand) - In X-Men: Last Stand, Storm battles the super-fast mutant Callisto. Storm starts the battle with a tornado attack, then takes it up a notch from there.

5. Evie vs. Anck Su Namun (The Mummy Returns) - In the sequel to The Mummy, the reincarnation of Princess Nefertiri (Evie) and the mummy's concubine (Anck Su Namun) do battle. This fight is one of the few that involves weapons. The two clash with deadly sais in a duel of death.

4. Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany (Mega Python vs. Gatoroid) - In this straight-to-cable movie, two scientists fighting over giant monsters boil over into a literal fight. This fight borders on fan service, to be honest, but what makes it worthy is that it's between two pop icons of the eighties. For those of you born in the nineties, imagine a movie in twenty years where Brittany Spears fights Christina Aguilera. That's what makes it so unforgettable.

3. - Mileena vs. Sonya (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) - In the sequel to the videogame movie, Mileena and Sonya duke it out. A lot of people have criticized this fight, saying it devolved into mud wrestling. I disagree. There is mud involved for no real reason, but no hair pulling, ripping clothes, or rolling around on the ground. The fascists of YouTube prevent embedding, so click here to watch it on YouTube.

2. Lori vs. Melina (Total Recall) - In the future, when a memory implant goes wrong, Quail discovers he's really a secret agent.  In the process, he finds himself caught between two love interests who engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat. There's a distinct difference  between the sleek and deadly style of Stone, and the rough and powerful  style of Melina. The fascists of YouTube prevent embedding, so click here to watch it on YouTube.

1. Alien Queen vs. Ripley (Aliens) - To me, the greatest catfight in scifi wasn't even human vs. human. It was robot vs. alien. Yeah, we're talking Aliens. When the Alien Queen tries to kill Newt, Ripley straps on an exoskeleton and tears her apart.

Do you love these catfights as much as we do? Is there a catfight you love that we missed?

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Maurice Mitchell said...

These are great. Never thought about the Total Recall one but you're right.