Monday, June 13, 2011

No, Google, *You're* Too Slow!

I'm on a dial-up ISP (yeah, yeah), and I get this message every time I go onto Google Images:

You are seeing the basic version because we think your Internet connection is slow - Switch to standard version
To me, it seems a little confrontational. It sounds like, "You are seeing the basic version because your Internet connection sucks. Get a new ISP, loser. Or switch to standard version, and prove us wrong, and we'll apologize." Okay, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but still...Google, mind your own business.


Maurice Mitchell said...

I know really. Take some responsibility Google!

Xane M. said...

It started telling me this today and my internet is fast. The old version it keeps showing (the basic version) looks like one for people with actually REALLY slow connections like dial-up, not someone with a fast connection that Google doesn't know the speed of! It's a frustrating thing to see now; Google needs a "do not show again" or "always treat like a fast connection", as a "Search by Image" is not possible without the standard version!