Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hockey Strikes Out

As you've probably already heard, the National Hockey League has cancelled the rest of the season for 2004-2005. And as you probably already know, few people really care. Sure, some people care; the die-hard hockey fans. But how many of them are living in America, eh?

What most people really care about is the fact that a sports strike has come to this. Even during the dreaded baseball strike in 1994, they never cancelled the season. I personally never followed or liked hockey, so I don't care if they do save the season. I just think it's stupid that a bunch of millionares (players or owners) are bickering over a couple million dollars here and there. When Wal-Mart workers strike, it's because they want more money to feed their families. When hockey players strike, it's because they won't take less than forty-two million dollars. How many of us will ever see even half that money in our lives, let alone in a year?

There's serious talk of the NHL shutting down for good as a result of the hostility generated among fans because of the shut-down. I personally hope it does. Then let all the baseball, football, and baseketball players see that it's not the players or owners that run their sports - it's the fans. Without fans, you guys are nothing. Besides, I never liked hockey.


Mauricem said...

Got that right. It's interesting how a sport that already struggles to gain acknowledgement could degenerate to the point where they would have no season at all. Maybe in Canada it makes sense.

Mauricem said...

I just heard there's been an offer by to buy the entire NHL from the owners.