Saturday, January 29, 2005

Big Bird

The Arizona Cardinals have finally changed their logo. It was generally agreed that the logo needed to be was hard to look at the old logo and feel like you were in for a rough time. But how do you make a cardinal look mean? Well, the Cardinals gave it a shot when they unveiled their new logo on Friday. The general response has been mixed at best. Most people just say it's an improvement, but not by much. Phoenix resident Todd McFarlane even weighed in, saying if the Bluejays could make their logo look tough, we should too. He designed a logo that I've heard is better, but haven't seen it. Want to, though. The Cardinals also say they're going to change their uniforms, which everyone is skeptical about. Still, one guy said it best when he said he looked forward to a more significant change - better players inside the uniforms.

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Mauricem said...

Thanks for the head's up man. That's what this blog is all about, helping each other catch up on the news.
Well the logo is definately an improvement. The old one looked kind of bored or constipated. I don't think we'll see any gang-bangers wearing them anytime soon, but at least I might not get beat-up for wearing it.
Here's a link to the old logo BTW:
While the players are still in the uniforms, maybe it'll help their "mental game" improve a bit. How tough can you feel putting on a cardinal?